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OMNI® offers a complete selection of underground enclosures for use as splice boxes, pull boxes, or equipment enclosures. We have a wide variety of stackable box sizes:

  • With open or closed bases.
  • With or without mouseholes.
  • Standard locking or steel covers.
  • With or without logos and/or electronic marker, and box extensions.


  • Ideal Enclosures for Use as Splice boxes, Pull Boxes or Equipment Enclosures
  • Options Include Our Wide Variety of Stackable Box Sizes With Open or Closed Bases, With or Without Mouseholes, Standard Locking or Steel Covers, With or Without Logos and/or Electronic Marker, and Box Extensions
  • Available in Polymer Concrete or Fiberglass Construction, Both Offering High Strength and Light Weight
  • Ideal for Use in Areas with Light Vehiclular Traffic and Designed to Handle a Load of Over 5,000 lbs Over a 10″ x 10″Area
  • Standard Cover Options Include Locking Covers, Non-Locking Covers and H-20 Steel Covers

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