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Fiberglass Opti-Com® Multi-Duct



  • Comes in three wall thicknesses, (.070”, .096”, and .250”)
  • Bullet resistant (.250” wall), withstands most types of ammunition cost-efficient replacement for steel in many high-risk applications


  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any conduit material available
  • High impact resistant construction easily withstands rough handling in the field
  • UV resistant


  • Workers can easily lift and carry sections, making it easy to handle
  • Reduces worker fatigue

Economical to install

  • Lighter weight and high strength simplify installation, eliminate the need for expensive lifting equipment and reduce the quantity of support hardware, such as bridge hangers, by as much as 50%
  • Also reduces bridge permitting costs when the permits are based on weight

Easy to install

  • To join sections, a simple push and twist motion is all that’s required
  • Inner duct alignment is simple and secure, due to the same anti-reversing, gasketed coupling system used in PVC Opti-Com®


  • Highly resistant to corrosive road chemicals, salt, bacteria, weather conditions, and ultra-violet decomposition

Long service life

  • Adhesive-bondable male and female ends assure a permanent, watertight seal
  • Fiberglass material is essentially inert; it will not corrode, deteriorate or decompose

Wide service-temperature range

  • Remains stable and rigid from -40˚ to +230˚ F
  • Will not become brittle in extreme cold or deform in heat generated by short-term electrical overloads
  • Expansion and contraction forces are minimal


  • Due to the non-metallic material properties of fiberglass, damaging electrolysis will not occur
  • Non-conductivity also eliminated the need for expensive, insulated bridge hangers

Full System Configuration

  • Available with a complete line of factory bends, expansion joints and bridge hangers to accommodate virtually any installation requirement

Inner Duct Specifications

Product Number of Inner Ducts Duct Descriptions Inside Diameter Minimum Wall Thickness (each)
Opti-Com 43 3 Smoothwall PVC 1.507” .079”
Opti-Com 44 4 Smoothwall PVC 1.275” .075”
Opti-Com 43 3 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.476” .080”
Opti-Com 44 4 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.263” .075”


Outer Duct Specifications

Product Minimum Wall Pipe Outside Diameter Total Weight Bundle Quality Truckload Quality
Standard Wall FG70 .070” 4.140” 1.7 lbs/ft 1520’ 18,240’
Heavy Wall FG96* .095” 4.192” 1.9 lbs/ft 1520’ 18,240’
Bullet Resistant FG(BRFG) .250” 4.500” 3.7 lbs/ft 1520’ 12,160’

*Please note the change in Heavy Wall thickness, from .090” to .096”.

Fiberglass Opti-Com® comes in 20-foot overall lengths with a 60-inch Integral bell end on one end and matching inner and outer duct spigots on the other end. Standard fiberglass outer duct color is black. Fiberglass outer ducts can be manufactured in other colors, such as orange, to identify fiber optic cables.


Opti-Com® Fiberglass

Inner Duct Description Part Numbers Std Wall FG70 Part Numbers Heavy Wall FG96 Part Numbers BRFG
OC43 OC44 OC43 OC44 OC43 OC44
Smoothwall PVC 503202117 506202117 503302117 506302117 503402117 506402117
Linear Ribbed PE 503202467 506202457 503302467 506302457 503402467 506402457

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