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PVC Opti-Com® Multi-Duct

The Opti-Com® multi-duct conduit system gets your new fiber optic cable on-line quicker and more economically than conventional 4″ duct and pulled-in reeled inner duct. The Opti-Com® factory-installed inner ducts remain straight, eliminating the additional surface contact created in the twisting of reeled inner ducts. This reduces the number of manholes required for cable pulling set up points by increasing the spacing distance resulting in lower installation costs. Opti-Com® is available with 3 inner ducts each with inside diameters of 1.50″ or 4 inner ducts each with inside diameters of 1.25″, an option not available in conventional installations.

  • Leading Choice for Fiber Optic Conduit Systems
  • Industry Standard Outer Ducts Provide Maximum Protection
  • Extra Long (6-inch) Integral Bell Flange (End)

Duct Specifications

Product Number of Inner Ducts Duct Descriptions Inside Diameter Minimum Wall Thickness (each)
Opti-Com 43 3 Smoothwall PVC 1.507” .079”
Opti-Com 44 4 Smoothwall PVC 1.275” .075”
Opti-Com 43 3 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.476” .080”
Opti-Com 44 4 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.263” .075”

Outer Duct Specifications

Product Minimum Wall Pipe Outside Diameter Bell Outside Diameter Total Weight Bundle Quality Truckload Quantity
Standard Type C .150” 4.350” 4.70” 2.4 lbs/ft 1600’ 19,200’
*S-40 PVC .237” 4.500” 5.00” 3.1 lbs/ft 1360’ 13,600’
S-80 PVC .337” 4.750” 5.50” 4.3 lbs/ft 860’  10,320’

PVC Opti-Com® multi-duct conduit comes in 20-foot lengths. Each 20-foot length is manufactured with a 6-inch integral bell end on one end and matching inner and outer duct spigots on the other end. Standard PVC outer duct color is white for Type C and gray for S-40 and S-80. Custom print line and/or custom outer and inner duct colors are available upon request.

PVC Opti-Com® Conduit

Part Numbers OC43 Part Numbers OC44
Inner Duct Description C-Duct S-40 S-80 C-Duct S-40 S-80
Smoothwall PVC 503102110 503122110 503162110 506102110 506122110 506162100
Linear Ribbed Polyethylene 503102460 503122460 503162460 506102450 506122450 506162450

Product Features and Advantages

  • All inner-ducts are factory installed – the same as within standard Opti-Com®
  • Fast and simple field assembly
  • No backing plate required for installation
  • Watertight joints without the use of PVC cement
  • Integral 6-inch bell length for stronger connection
  • Standard Opti-Com® fittings can be used after installation – NO special adapters required

Inner Duct Specifications

Product Duct Description Inside Diameter Minimum Wall
Opti-Com 43 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.476″ 0.080”
Opti-Com 44 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.263” 0.075″

Outer Duct Specifications

Product Minimum Wall Outside Diameter Bell Outside Diameter Weight Bundle Qnty Truckload Qnty
S-40 0.237” 4.50″ 5.00″ 3.1 lbs/ft 1360′ 13,600′
S-80 0.337″ 4.75″ 5.50″ 4.3 lbs/ft 860′ 10,320′

The OMNI-Bore® Opti-Com® multi-duct is manufactured in 20-foot lengths with a 6-inch integral bell on one end and spigot on the opposite end. Standard PVC outer duct color is gray. Specific inner duct colors are available upon request.

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