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Steel Opti-Com® Multi-Duct

For high-risk applications, such as exposed bridge crossings, bridge risers and creek crossings, no other material provides more protection from damage than OMNI’s steel Opti-Com® conduit. The steel Opti­ Com® can also be used in underground applications.

Rugged, Industry-standard Construction

  • The steel Opti-Com® system is manufactured using 4-inch rigid galvanized steel and is available with either three or four factory installed inner ducts.

Easy to Install

  • Each section is threaded and coupled for easy joining.
  • Inner duct alignment is simple and secure, due to the same gasketed coupling system used in other Opti-Com® systems.

Faster installation

  • No transition boxes or handholes are required when transitioning from steel to PVC or fiberglass Opti-Com®. Instead an adapter is all that’s needed, significantly reducing installation labor.

Long service life

  • Steel is galvanized for additional protection from corrosion.

Full system configuration

  • Available with a full line of factory bends, expansion joints and conduit support to accommodate virtually any installation requirement.

Inner Duct Specifications

Product Number of Inner Ducts Duct Description Inside Diameter Minimum Wall Thickness (each)
Opti-Com 43 3 Smoothwall PVC 1.507” .079”
Opti-Com 44 4 Smoothwall PVC 1.275” .075”
Opti-Com 43 3 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.476” .080”
Opti-Com 44 4 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.263” .075”


Outer Duct Specifications

Product Nominal Wall Outside Diameter Weight Bundle Quantity Truckload Quantity
Galvanized Rigid Conduit .225” 4.50” 11 lbs/ft 200’ 4000’

Steel Opti-Com® comes in 10-foot layable lengths with threaded and coupled ends.
Each 10-foot length is also provided with a gasketed Opti-Com® coupling for the inner ducts.


Opti-Com® Schedule 40 Steel

Inner Duct Description Part Numbers
OC43 OC44
Smoothwall PVC 503551116 506551116
Linear Ribbed PE 503551466 506551456

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